Dixon Residents Clean Up After Another Flood


People living in parts of Dixon are still drying out after a downpour last night.

The heavy rain hit about 3:30am.  It shut down roads, closed businesses, and sent water pouring into homes.  Pumps have been going non-stop at a neighborhood on Monroe Avenue for hours.  It’s not the first time.

“It happens at least once a year,” said Dixon resident Dave Engle.  “This is probably the second worst I’ve ever seen it.  The last time it did it, it got into my garage.  It was an inch from doing that again.”

Engle has lived in Dixon for five years.  He said his home wasn’t damaged too badly.  However some of his stuff may have floated away.  He’s more worried about his neighbor, who’s on a fixed income.

“The reason why we’re having this problem is, they have a little hole over there the water’s supposed to drain through.  It’s not big enough to let the water through so we have this problem probably 3-5 times in the last 3 years.”

Parts of the city were underwater.  Police closed Lowell Park Road and businesses were flooded too.

“It was nuts,” said Dixon resident Dean Wolber.  “It’s the highest I’ve seen it in a long time other than when 7th street washed out.  It was definitely a sight that’s not pretty.  You kind of roll up and you’re like, ‘this ain’t good’… and to walk in the house and look in the basement.”

Wolber’s only 17-years-old and has been living with flooding for as long as he can remember.  Dean’s family is already on their fourth furnace.  He hopes city leaders see what happened and do something about it.

“I was taken off school so I can get everything pretty much cleaned out the best I can before we get mold and stuff.  Then I got to live on with my life, do the same thing over and over.”

The National Weather Service reports some parts of the area got more than four inches of rain.

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