Doctors say: it’s never too early to get a flu shot


Flu season is quickly approaching and health providers are reminding the public it’s time to get a flu shot.

Flu shots are available at a family care clinic, a local pharmacy, or from a doctor.

In many cases, an appointment is not necessary.

Don’t let a fear of needles from keep you from getting vaccinated: SwedishAmerican physician Dr. Christopher Rhyne and his staff use a spray called “Instant Ice Cubes” that can be applied to the skin, so the prick of a needle isn’t quite so bad.

Some patients who receive a flu vaccination still get the flu during the winter, and assume their vaccination didn’t work, but Dr. Rhyne says this is a popular misconception.

“Last year, with a dozen different strains that came through our area, it’s difficult — even after getting the flu shot — to make sure that you’re necessarily going to be immunized [against the correct one],” Dr. Ryhne said. “Even for healthy adults, only about 80 percent of the population of healthy adults get immunity from the flu shot.”

Doctors also say a recipient doesn’t have to be in perfect health to get a flu vaccine. A bit of a head cold is okay, but if you have a fever, then is not the right time to get the shot.

Also, for patients concerned about an egg allergy, there’s an egg protein-free variant available.

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