Dog and Owner Rescued from Icy Lake


A team of Harlem-Roscoe Firefighters are being hailed as heroes after saving a man and his dog, both of whom fell through thin ice at Legends Lake on Monday. 

One of the firefighters crawled, swam and battled his way through the icy waters.  The efforts were made after the dog got loose and his owner found him stuck in the lake.  The owner immediately took action to save his cold, furry friend, and he got stuck in the process, neighbors then called for help.

Video shot by the Harlem-Roscoe Fire Department caught the tireless efforts of its rescue team working to save a Chewy, the dog that was caught in the icy, cold waters of Legends Lake.  Harlem-Roscoe Fire Lt. Justin Mayton saved the pair.  He said the owner first went in trying to save the dog.

“He had actually gone out to rescue his dog who had fallen through the ice,” said Lt. Mayton.   “The man had grabbed the kayak from one of the neighbor’s houses and tried to use that kayak to rescue his dog, [that’s] when he capsized in his kayak.”

When rescue crews arrived on the scene, Lt. Mayton went straight to work.

“I put on one of our Mustang suits on, tied off and went out to get the man and the dog,” said Lt. Mayton.

Mayton finally reached the dog’s owner and helped him to get into another kayak to row back to safety.

Mayton says getting to the dog was not easy.  He had to crawl across the frozen ice.

“It was a fair amount of work,” said Lt. Mayton.  “The ice kept breaking underneath me as I was going out.”

After finally reaching the dog, rescue crews reeled them both in.  Mayton says it was exciting and he would do it again, if a man and his best friend needed saving.

“As I was coming back in, it was a good time carrying the dog,” said Lt. Mayton.  “[He] was heavy, [It was] cold and kind of [a] struggle there for me, but it was a good time.”

The dog and his owner are okay.  The Harlem-Roscoe Fire Department recommends making sure your pets are locked and secure.  Lt. Mayton says people should stay away from walking on frozen waters, as the ice can be thin and easy to fall through.  If there is an emergency or someone is caught in the water, you are urged to contact emergency services.  

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