Dog gets 3D printed skull after cancer surgery


Doctors were able to replace part of a 9-year-old dog’s skull with a 3D printed titanium plate after removing a cancerous tumor.

9-year-old dachshund Patches had a tumor which was pushing close to her brain and eye socket.

Doctors created the plate to replace 70% of her skull that was removed with the tumor.

She’s now cancer free.

“The technology has grown so quickly, and to be able to offer this incredible, customized, state-of-the-art plate in one of our canine patients was really amazing,” said Dr. Michelle Oblak, who conducted the surgery at the Ontario Veterinary College along with Dr. Galina Hayes of Cornell University.

Researchers say they are examining dogs as a disease model for cancer in humans, in hopes of using 3D printed implants to treat human patients.

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