Dog Recovering at Winnebago County Animal Shelter After Unusual Head Wound


There are many dogs across the country that have gone through tough situations, sometimes resulting in bad injuries.  That’s the case for a young dog at the Winnebago County Animal Shelter.

A pitbull mix is recovering at the Winnebago County Animal Shelter after suffering a severe and unusual head wound.  Police were called after the dog was  found wandering on South Mulford Road.

Donna Apgar, the Adoption Coordinator at Winnebago County Animal Shelter, said, “We don’t know how the dog ended up injured, but because of the look of the wound, they’re suspecting that it may be some sort of a chemical.”

The male dog also has cloudy eyes, which Apgar suspects could be a result of the injury.  
but he’s still able to see fairly well despite the disability.  

Apgar said, “Our vet thinks his eyesight is limited, but he can see maybe shadows.  He has no problem, and maybe that’s his nose working, he has no problem finding the garbage can when they bring it into the exam room.”

Apgar has witnessed many injured animals, but it’s not everyday that she sees an animal with a suspected chemical burn.  So was the injury a result of abuse, or an accident?  Apgar noticed some hair missing from the tail, leading her to think that the dog may have been poorly cared for.

Apgar adds, “No, I cant say that it leads one way or the other.  It’s hard to tell, without knowing all the facts, to make an assumption.”

But, even though this little 3 year old has had it rough, he’s still able to have fun like any other dog, whether it be playing outside, being goofy, or begging for treats.

Apgar added, “You know we get some really great dogs in here, but they’re failed by their people many times.”

Apgar says the dog still needs to be neutered before it can be given to a licensed, Illinois rescue group.  There, the dog can continue to recover from his injury before being adopted.

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