A Maryland dog who survived an attempt to put him down had recovered and was ready for adoption, according to HART for Animals, Inc, an organization that rescues and finds homes for pets.

According to a post on the charity’s Facebook page, the dog, named Bucky, was brought to HART’s Bredel Vet Clinic after he was found in the woods tangled in a tree with a gunshot wound to his face, indicating an “unsuccessful execution,” HART said.

The post said the clinic immediately started tending to Bucky and began the long process of stitching and cleaning Bucky’s injury. “Due to the severity of the injury, this took some time, but despite all he’d been through, Bucky met every moment with a great attitude and a smile on his face,” the post added.

Footage posted to the organization’s Facebook page shows Bucky walking through a room with a wagging tail while a group applauds for the dog.

The organization said Bucky has returned to the Tucker County Animal Shelter and is now ready to be adopted.