Double Murder Victim’s Cat Up For Adoption


PAWS Humane Society’s Cherryvale shelter is now home to Danielle Son’s cat. Son and her boyfriend were murdered by her estranged husband Hand Son back in February. They say it’s not uncommon for animals to be dropped off with them when their owners are involved in a crime.

“He’s just a sweet boy,” said PAWS Humane Society President Sue Golan. “He’s a quiet cat.”

The grey feline’s name is Smokey Nemo. PAWS Humane Society President Sue Golan says he’s now up for adoption after Danielle’s family couldn’t keep him and dropped him off at PAWS.
“The cat really had nowhere to go after the death of its owner,” said Golan. “We right away took it in knowing that it basically had been alone in its home without any kind of care.”

Through friends of Danielle, Golan says they were told Hand Son had been abusive towards the cat in the past.

“He had tossed him outside and Danielle had rescued him back and brought him back in. It was really her cat and she really loved the cat.”

Smokey Nemo is one of more than a hundred cats up for adoption with PAWS. They say many times cats are brought in when their owners are arrested or pass away.

“Things happen when we don’t expect it,” said Golan. “These animals are left with no one to care for them. There needs to be a plan.”

Golan says after hearing about Danielle’s high profile murder, the last thing she expected was to have her cat end up at PAWS. She adds Smokey Nemo loves attention and having his back scratched.

“He’s had a kind of  bad lot in life that his owner was murdered. As a compassionate society, we need to the right thing and [give him] a happy rest of his life.”

Smokey Nemo can be adopted from PAWS’ Cherryvale Shelter right across Cherryvale Mall. They open Tuesday at noon.

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