Dow Jones at Historic High 22,000 points


It’s a good time to be in the stock market.  Markets are at a historic high with the Dow Jones Industrial Average pushing past the 22,000 threshold.

The past several days, the bell has rung and markets have seen impressive numbers at closing. There are many variables that claim responsibility for the positive trend.  Savant Capital Financial Advisor Grant Moore credits the November election, tax code changes, and health care reform.

“The stock market itself tries to price in things,” said Moore. “In other words it tries to predict what’s going to happen.”

However, the continuous uptick still leaves some skeptical on whether to invest or cash out.

“That’s something people are starting to say, ‘Its been a really nice run, but how much further can go?’ No one has the crystal ball to predict. ‘is the market at a high point?’ or could even get more return from it?'”

If you haven’t invested yet, Moore says there is still time to jump on the financial opportunity.

“For those who haven’t yet taken the plunge, it’s certainly not too late,” said Moore. “Any dollars you can put aside for your future is always going to help you down the road.”

Moore says 401Ks and other retirement-type plans are another way to get a monetary return without the risk of the fluctuating market.

Local resident, Surinder Kumer, says this positive economy is beneficial for everyone.

“When the Dow booms, everybody booms,” said Kumer.

Kumer says he invests every six months and found his methods have worked in the booming market.
“I am very happy with that its going up,” said Kumer. “When it dips, I buy. When it goes up I sell,” said Kumer.

Other residents, like David Anderson, says seeing stocks hit historic highs incentivizes paying more attention and getting involved in the markets in the future.

“I could see that paying attention could be a good thing for the future.” said Anderson.

Moore recommends investing using an index fund, which allows investments in certain companies without buying stocks in each company separately at a lower costs and fees.

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