There’s a new piece of artwork in Downtown Rockford and it’s hard to miss. A mural is finally complete on a building on East State and First Streets.  It’s part of an effort by the Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau that pushes for a more beautiful downtown.  RACVB commissioned an International street artist to put Rockford on the map.

Kelsey Montague, an international street artist, made the final touches on the mural after working on this week long project. It’s not just a little paint on the wall, there’s meaning in the details.

“All my work is interactive in someway,” said Montague.  “It’s supposed to be fun, and use social media in a good way. In this piece, there will be a ladder you can appear to be climbing into the tree house, there’s a tire swing and an actual swing, so you can appear to be sitting on it.”

Montague and the Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau worked together to bring this uplifting piece to help beautify downtown, As part of the bureau’s forest city beautiful initiative. Montague was the artist to make it happen.

“We’ve looked at it in concept for so long that you knew once the design was actually fixed on the wall that it was going to be such a statement piece,” said RACVB Director of Destination Development Tanna Vettore.  “Wherever she goes, people follow which is awesome to know that Rockford is going to seen in a positive light by so many people.”

It is quite the view, those walking downtown took it in.  Montague says Rockford is the right spot for this inspired artwork.  “For Rockford, this is one of my dream murals that I always want to get off the ground,” said Montague.  “Everyone has been so amazing and supportive here so I’ve been able to create this whimsical world that I’ve always wanted to do.

The mural is a backdrop for residents to stop by and take it easy.  “Hopefully people can come in this corner, relax and enjoy themselves,” said Montague.

“To see the transformation and to know the artists have such abilities and talents to be able to create something like this on a wall that is just drawing people to it is amazing,” said Vettore.

The Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau hopes to add more murals downtown in the future. .