There are no longer as many inmates currently behind the walls of the Thomson federal penitentiary.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons ordered the transfer of dozens of inmates.

The prison has been criticized extensively over claims of sexual misconduct between inmates and employees, prison escapes, and the deaths of half a dozen inmates — including one almost two weeks ago.

It’s not clear exactly how many inmates were moved.

Illinois Congressman Eric Sorensen shared some of his opinions about the issues surrounding the prison.

“We have to make sure that USP Thomson… that we’re taking care of our workers,” Sorensen said. “What we’re seeing today is we’re moving away these violent offenders to a place where our prison system workers are being taken care of. “

Senators Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth of Illinois also responded to the move in a joint statement:

“We have been informed by the Department of Justice that Bureau of Prisons leadership is taking corrective action to address deeply troubling findings of a recent review of the facility. We were assured by the attorney general that these changes are temporary and that Thomson will continue to play an important role in the Bureau of Prisons system.”