Drive By Shooting Caught on Neighbor’s Security Camera


Joan Stearns lives across the street from this house on Blake Street that was hit by gunfire on Thursday night.

She was terrified by the knowledge that the shooting happened right in front of her home.

“It was very scary,” said Stearns, “knowing that it was just a few feet away.”

A video from a neighbor, obtained by the website Rockford Scanner and posted on YouTube, shows the drive-by shooting.

The house is damaged by several bullet holes, one of which went through the front door and out the dining room window.

Investigators say they have no motive for why the house was targeted.

“It’s one of the unfortunate factors of gun violence,” said Lieutenant of Investigations for the Rockford Police Department, Kurt Whisenand. “When you fire indiscriminately through a neighborhood, the bullets are going to go in a straight line. It doesn’t matter what they hit, or who they hit.”

Neighbors said there have been a number of recent shootings nearby.

Stearns says the neighborhood needs to band together to protect each other.

“I understand that they’re scared,” said Stearns. “But if you know something, say something. Police can help them, keep them safe. But if somebody sees something, they need to say something.”

She wants Rockford residents to place more trust in their officers, something police say they’re working towards.

“Every day, through our actions and our activity, we try to build trust with the community, to indicate to them that we will help them,” said Lieutenant Whisenand. “And that we’re here to stand shoulder to shoulder with them against the violence that’s really plaguing our city.”

So far no arrests have been made.


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