Eddie Patterson’s loved ones react to investigation findings


One group not finding comfort in Jaimie Cox’s justification of deadly force report is the family of Eddie Patterson. Those close to him call Thursday’s press conference ‘a circus’ and call for an independent, federal investigation to be completed.

“[Integrity Task Force] comes out and says he’s justified — but how?!,” asked Kingdom Authority Church Pastor Melvin Brown.

After a months-long investigation, the Winnebago-Boone Integrity Task Force found Officer Jaimie Cox cleared of any wrong doing in the November shooting that left both Cox and Patterson dead. But Patterson’s loved ones say they don’t believe sufficient evidence was given to justify Cox’s actions. Brown says after seeing similar cases across the country — he saw this coming.

“The officer is always going to be right,” said Brown. “The person that’s killed and dead is always going to be wrong. That’s the way the system works. Until you get an independent investigation, that has no dog in the fight, that’s the way it is.”

Police say Patterson attempted to drive off after Cox pulled him over for driving with a revoked license and expired plates. His sister Jossie Patterson says her brother wouldn’t have done that.

“Had he had intentions to get away, he would’ve never pulled over,” said Jossie Patterson. “But, he pulled over willingly.”

Brown believes facts are being hidden by investigators.

“[Cox] could’ve easily stepped away from the car,” said Brown. “How did the car drag him? Officers don’t normally stick their guns inside of a car. They usually stand behind the person when they’re talking to them.”

Police say traces of cocaine and marijuana were found in Patterson’s system. Jossie Patterson says that doesn’t make her brother a bad person. She recognizes although her brother wasn’t perfect, he was presumed guilty by the public before the investigation was even completed.

“He changed his whole life around,” said Patterson. “He got himself together, he started doing positive things. I mean, when you’re young you do stupid stuff but its how you come back.”

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