Education Funding Bill Now on Governor’s Desk

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After weeks of demands, Governor Rauner finally has Senate Bill One on his desk. It’s the last day of special session.

For weeks, the governor has said he will use his amendatory veto to make changes to the bill, but it’s unclear what those changes will be.

Last week, Senator Jason Barickman (R) said Rauner may hold on to the bill. Senator Andy Manar (D) said Monday it would be the better outcome for negotiations to continue to finalize a deal. However, Barickman says the day was not spent negotiating in good faith.

Both sides met again Monday, but Barickman says Manar promised him a “deal.” Barickman says he never brought anything to the table and didn’t expect Democrats to hold onto the bill this long. Manar says he wants to avoid a veto showdown, meaning he’d rather see Rauner sign the bill instead of trying to get enough votes to override him.

It would not be the first time Rauner has been overridden. It just happened during the budget votes. While many Senators believe they have enough votes to do just that again, the tough votes will come in the House as it will need all 67 Democrats to vote for it along with 4 GOP votes to override.

Governor Rauner has said he wants to tweak Senate Bill One to remove a portion funding Chicago teacher pensions and give more money to downstate districts.

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