Eleven Vietnam Veterans Remembered at Agent Orange Memorial Service


Veterans passed out flowers to the grieving families of servicemen who lost loved ones to Agent Orange, a  herbicide used by the U.S. military in Vietnam that is impacting veterans’ health, decades later.  Veteran Nick Parnello held a memorial service in honor of local veterans who died, in part, from the long-term effects of Agent Orange.

“We’re actually adding 11 more names to the LZ memorial to honor those men that died of Agent Orange, related to Vietnam,” says NIck Parnello.

“Each time the bell rang. It was deep, very, very deep, knowing that each one of them had suffered,” says Todd Burd of Veterans Assistance Commission.

Family members fought back the tears after names on a plaque were revealed. This is the only Agent Orange memorial in the U.S.  Veterans say there’s no way to bring our wounded warriors back, but this ceremony brings them some comfort.

“I think it’s a way to heal from that terrible thing that happened,” says Parnello.

“It honors the people that have brought the war back and have suffered from Agent Orange and died,” says Burd.

There are 18 names engraved; the other seven were Vietnam vets who were honored this past June. Parmello says if a friend or family member has an Honorable Discharge and a proof of death certificate, they can add their names as well.

“That comes from the veterans admin through the V.A. They have paper work that they supply for the families,” says Parnello.

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