(WTVO) — For years now, Elon Musk has hinted towards a “next gen” Tesla platform that targets the $25,000 price segment.

According to Fox Business, Musk said he anticipates the new car (rumored to be called the Model 2) will be “used almost entirely in autonomous mode,” and can be sent out as a robotaxi and make owners money while they’re not using it.

“I think it would end up being some kind of combination of like AirBnB and Uber,” Musk said. “Look at how many cars are parked. There are parking lots full of cars everywhere. Because cars need a driver, so most of the time they’re doing nothing.”

Musk anticipates the vehicles could become a revenue generator for their owners.

The company has been working on a fully autonomous driving mode, called Full Self Driving, an upgrade from its current Autopilot system.

General Motors has developed a competing system, called Super Cruise, which works on roads which have already been scanned and inspected. The company expects to launch an automous mode, dubbed Ultra Cruise, in the future.

Tesla currently manufactures the sedan-style Model S and Model 3, along with the SUV Model X, and Model Y. Together, their model designations spell out S3XY. Industry speculation is the next gen platform, expected to be a compact hatchback, will be called the Model 2, so the designations taken together would spell out 2S3XY.

At a recent Tesla Investor Day event, Musk said the new platform would be built in Mexico.