Expectant Mom Follows Instincts


An expectant mother follows her instincts which saves her unborn daughter. Now she encourages other pregnant women to seek medical attention if they feel something may not be quite right with their pregnancy. 

Emily Harrison, Mom
“I wasn’t feeling the baby move and kick like she was.”

Emily Harrison didn’t realize her unborn child was in a life or death situation when she told her husband about her concerns.

Jared Metras, Dad
“she said, you know, something’s not right, and we kind of had this conversation,…And she said, no, I think it’s something.”

So nine weeks shy of her due date, they decided to listen to her instincts–and get medical attention immediately.
Emily drove herself to SwedishAmerican hospital.

Emily Harrison, Mother
“They put me in a room, put me on a monitor, umm couldn’t find her heart rate.”

Emily Harrison, Mother
They finally found it, and it was down in like the lower 60’s. I think it should be like mid 100’s.

With a heart rate that low–this is now an emergency, and time is of the essence.

Emily Harrison, Mother
“I was here maybe a half hour before she was actually born.”

Hadley was delivered nine weeks premature — her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck.
But now she’s healthy and alive — thanks to her mother’s instincts.
Doctors say regularly monitoring an unborn child is critical to a successful pregnancy.

Dr. Tim Durkee, Ob/Gyn, SwedishAmerican
“Babies generally by about 32 weeks will develop patterns of movement when they seemingly are predictably awake and asleep.”

‘Kick counts’ is a way to measure an unborn baby’s movements once a day–at the same time each day.  Doctors encourage expectant women who are at least 6 /2 months or 27  weeks or more to monitor their baby’s movements using this method.

Dr. Tim durkee, ob/gyn SwedishAmerican Hospital
“Generally recommend that the woman is quiet, and is not really doing much of anything else.. have her lay on her left side with her hand on here abdomen.  And feel with her hand or sense internally when the babys moving.”

It’s always better to err on the side of caution. If the baby does not move at least 10 times in two hours — or if there is a sudden decrease in movement — you should call your doctor.

Baby Hadley has been given a second chance at life — thanks to her mother who chose to listen to her body and instincts rather than ignore them.

Dr. Tim Durkee, OB/GYN SwedishAmerican Hospital
“this woman educated herself. She came to the office, she asked questions. She was a reliable patient, who had consistent prenatal care. And there’s no substitute for a smart patient..”

Jared Metras, Dad
“it’s..we’re just fortunate, just fortunate.”

Emily Harrison, Mother
“just trust your instincts. If you have any doubts, go, go, to the doctor.”

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