Fallen Flag Ceremony Honors and Retires Old Glory on Flag Day


The United States has several patriotic holidays, such as Memorial and Veterans Day.

And although Flag Day might be one of the lesser known holidays,the Vietnam Veterans Honor Society tonight reminded us why we pledge our allegiance to Old Glory.

“Never, ever take that flag for granted.”

Ed “Marine” McMahon speaking at a special fallen flag ceremony today at the LZ Peace Memorial.

June 14th is Flag Day, the day the Continental Congress adopted the American flag in 1777.

Tonight, veterans held a fallen flag ceremony.

There’s a proper way to retire flags-and to do that, it’s by a method of burning.

McMahon saying today’s event is important to realize that the American flag is a symbol of our country and we should give it the honor and dignity it deserves-and be grateful for the sacrifices our armed forces have made for our freedom.

“Our men and women are still being placed in danger in all parts of the world,” said McMahon, a WWII veteran.  “And it is important for us as a nation to realize that we have the freedoms that we have because men and women are prepared to suffer whatever is necessary for  the honor and glory, not only of our country, but for what that flag represents.”

McMahon said the nicest thing you can do for a veteran is to thank them for their service.

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