Families Brave Hot Weather on Father’s Day


With Sunday’s temps reaching the 90’s and a heat index of over a hundred — Father’s Day is scorching! While some are beating the heat by staying indoors, others are braving the temperatures at Rock Cut State Park. 16-year-old Ian Schoepski says it’s the right spot to alleviate the heat.

“Ice cream! Good way to stay cool,” said Ian Schoepski. “We kind of knew because of weather apps. I think it was nice being in the water because it helps us cool off.”

Schoepski and his family brought out their paddle boards to celebrate with dad. His step-brother Michael Stockhausen says they also knew the importance of staying hydrated.

“We brought a couple bottles of water with us,” said Stockhausen. “[We] started to drink [the water bottles]. We were also jumping into the water.”

Pete Miller brought his kids to Rock Cut for some Father’s Day fishing. But will take some time to cool off themselves.

“We’ll be going swimming later,” said Miller. “We can’t swim here but we got a nice cool pool at the hotel that we can go to.”

The blue Pierce Lake filled with many canoes, kayaks and boats–including the Zeimis’. Even though they knew it was going to be hot, Nicole Zeimis pushed for a day out on the boat with her dad.

“I know it’s really important to him,” said Zeimis. “We lost the boat we had when we were kids. I was really excited when he said he was buying a new boat.”

Robert Ziemis says he’s just happy to have his daughter around on Father’s Day.

“I’d be as happy mowing the lawn than I would be out here fishing,” said Robert Ziemis. “We don’t ask for much as far as Father’s Day goes. Maybe a nice meal, a cookout. It’s summer, so it’s nice to be out.”

The Winnebago County Health Department says if anyone is to be out in the heat it’s important to put on sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher, rest in shady areas and to drink plenty of water.

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