Family, Friends, and Community Pay Final Respects to Emily Dull Anderson


“It’s been a difficult time.” 

Caitlyn and Tom Dull talk about the family member they lost at a visitation held for Emily Dull Anderson.

After missing for three months, her body was found in her car in the Rock River.

“We’ll work through this,” said her father Tom Dull. “We’ve got each other, and that’s the important thing.”

Dozens showed up to support the family in their loss.

“We’re just grateful for everything everyone’s done, and the community and the outreach of support,” said her sister Caitlin Dull. “We wouldn’t be able to be here today without some sort of closure without it.”

Emily’s family never stopped searching for her-forming search parties, passing out flyers, and even putting her face on a billboard.

They refused to give up until they found answers.

“That was kind of my mission,” said Caitlin. “It was to make people people know about Emily that didn’t know about Emily, and to make people care that maybe might not have cared if they would’ve just seen a poster or a flyer.”

“Even though we may not have found her in the searches, by searching we helped keep the story alive, and it was instrumental to figure out what happened  to her, and the family deserved answers,” said Emily’s friend, Rachael Kersch Libowski.

The community stepping up to help too.

Now many of them sharing in the family’s grief.

“It’s tragically heartwarming to see us come together like this,” said Libowski. “But it also means a lot to see people coming together like this.”

“It’s nice to know that that many people care when we felt like we were kind of in this alone,” said Caitlin. 

“The outpouring of prayers and thoughts have just overwhelmed us all,” said Mr. Dull.

Emily’s family says the community’s support held them together.

Knowing where she is now brings them a sense of peace, and will help them move forward in their healing process.

A funeral will be held tomorrow at the Sunset Funeral Home.

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