Family making memories quickly with dying child


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)–After two parents learned their baby won’t get to grow up, their family is filling the short amount of time they have with him with firsts.

When the Clausen family learned their son Bryce had Krabbe disease, they made a greatest hits list of all the things they want to do with their son while he’s still here.

On that list was to watch an Illini game, and I was able to catch some of the moments on tape.

“Unfortunately Bryce won’t be around for a very long time so we want to make sure he gets to experience everything that he can,” says Andrea Clausen, Bryce’s mom.

In November Andrea and Joel Clausen found out their son Bryce had a deadly disease.

That’s when they made their greatest hits list of all the things they wanted to do with him as a family. 

“Just things that we can do that we think any child should do or should do in their lifetime.

We’re trying to get it in now,” says Bryce dad, Joel Clausen. 

The family lives in Indianapolis, but Joel Clausen is from central Illinois so attending an Illini game was most on their list of things to do.

Some of the things on this hits list have been simple, like playing in the snow and finger painting.

But spending the day at an Illini game is only one of the big moments the family has enjoyed together.

The Clausen’s will be checking another thing off their list.

On Sunday, they will be taking Bryce up in an airplane for the first time.

The fight for Bryce Clausen doesn’t stop with just making memories.

The family is working to get Krabbe on the list of diseases that newborns are tested for in Indiana.

They also want to raise money to decorate a room at the Payton Manning children’s hospital in his honor.

The Clausens want to collect 2 million pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House.

You can follow Bryce’s fight on their Facebook page.

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