Family of 15-year-old Andreayah McBain Speaks Out


Six months have passed since Ross Terry and his family gathered for the funeral of 15 year old Andreayah McBain.

The body of Terry’s cousin was found next to a trailer in Stephenson County.

Terry explains, “Closure is a very difficult word. I don’t think there will ever be closure. But justice, I think there is a possibility for justice.”

Terry’s wish could be close to coming true. McBain’s fifteen-year-old best friend is now facing charges in juvenile court.

Police say she, along with 28-year-old Natheon Hanson, tried burning and hiding McBain’s body in Stephenson County after she overdosed on drugs.

Terry reacts, “I find it very troubling, because how can a best friend do that to somebody, or to somebody that supposedly cares about you?”

McBain was a frequent runaway who Terry says got caught up with the wrong crowd. He says he never met the teenaged suspect in juvenile court.

He adds, “I knew some of her friends she used to hangout with [when younger], I knew them very well. As far as her new friends, I did not know them very well.”

He says the family tried several times unsuccessfully to get McBain help. As far as the teenaged suspect goes, Terry is unsure if she should be charged as an adult.

He says, “Yes and no. I mean that is something the courts really have to do. But I do think justice needs to be served.”

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