The family of a Byron woman killed in an accident in Stephenson County in 2013 will receive $3 million after settling a wrongful death suit with the county.

On May 20, 2013, Sarah Kamp, 32, was hit by a car while driving through the intersection of Montague and Rock City roads in German Valley after a stop sign was missing after it was ripped off its post during a storm the night before.

Kamp, who was pregnant at the time, was heading to a doctor’s appointment for a prenatal checkup.

According to the family’s attorney, a resident who lived near the intersection had called 911 earlier that morning to report the stop sign was missing, but that the operator took another call and forgot about it.

Jason Kamp, Sarah Kamp’s husband, was originally suing Stephenson County for more than $4 million for not getting the stop sign back up in time to prevent his wife’s death.

“It was absolutely clear that negligence led to the tragic death of this young mother,” said attorney Benjamin Crane, co-counsel for the family. “We are pleased to reach a resolution that provides her family with compensation to help them move forward.”

Sarah Kamp was an English teacher at Polo Community High School at the time of her death.