Fans React to Gould’s Release from Bears


Bears fans at RBI Sports Bar in Rockford reacted tonight to the news that kicker Robbie Gould is being cut from the team.

Gould was the Bears all-time top-scoring player during his 11 years on the team, which is why many fans say they’re shocked he’s been let go.

“I was honestly really surprised,” said fan Zac Vannatta. “He’s been one of their top scorers honestly for a very long time.”

“You would like to see him get a better send off, than just like a ‘Nope, sorry, you’re gone.’ You know, you would think the organization would be a little bit classier than that,” said fan Mike Cleary.

The Bears’ decision to let go of Gould clears up some cap space to sign an offensive lineman. Fans say while they aren’t happy to see him go, they understand the move.

“When I heard what it was for, obviously clearing up the cap space for Josh Sitton, the team’s better because of it,” said fan Michael Sherman.

Bears fans say they know the game isn’t always about the players.

“It’s a business, and that’s the thing, you have to realize it’s both a sport (and) a business and people have parameters they have to work in,” said Cleary.

“With the Bears, you never know what they’re gonna do.,” said Vannatta. “They’re always doing some surprising trade or getting rid of someone. So in the end, it could work out, so I’m just kinda waiting to see what happens.”

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