Fastest fast food: study ranks America’s 10 fastest drive-thru restaurants


When you need food fast, the drive-thru is your best friend. But, what chains in the U.S. have the shortest drive-thru wait times? A new study has that answer.

Burger King can now lay claim to being the “speed demons” at the drive-thru. A QSR Magazine study says that it took only three minutes and 13 seconds from the point of placing your B.K. order to the moment of the handoff of food.

Burger King rose up to the top spot from its fourth place finish in 2017, after hitting third place in 2016. Wendy’s is the fastest ever, in 2003, at a minute and 56 seconds.

Here are 2018’s top rankings:

          1. Burger King (Average wait time: 193.31 seconds)
          2. Dunkin’ (200.74 seconds)
          3. KFC (218.95 seconds)
          4. Wendy’s (226.07 seconds)
          5. Taco Bell (236.50 seconds)
          6. Arby’s (237.93 seconds)
          7. Carl’s Jr. (252.91 seconds)
          8. Hardee’s (255.83 seconds)
          9. Chick-fil-A (260.85 seconds)
          10. McDonald’s (273.29 seconds)

The study notes that overall speed in fast food drive-thru performance is down but order accuracy has improved, and that technology like tablets and wireless communication is helping improve the order experience.

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