Father accused of beating 5-year-old girl to death for not wanting to do homework


Albuquerque Police say that a 5-year-old girl’s father had admitted to beating her to death with a water shoe because she didn’t want to do her homework.

Police say the girl had just moved to Albuquerque from California to live with her father, 37-year-old Brandon Reynolds.

Friday morning around 1 a.m. first responders were dispatched to a call regarding a child that was in cardiac arrest in a home on the 1400 block of Amherst SE, near Gibson and Carlisle. Albuquerque Fire Rescue responded to the call and administered medical treatment before the child was transported to UNM Hospital where police say the child died.

“When AFR arrived on scene at that location the injuries were not consistent with what they were told,” said Officer Simon Drobik.

Reynolds told police the girl had heart problems. However, police did not buy his story.

“It appears this father brutally beat this child,” said Officer Drobik.

Authorities say that multiple injuries were seen on the girl including bruises that covered her back in addition to bruising to the girl’s left side. Officers noted that the child’s bruising was patterned on her right abdomen and appeared to be consistent with the tread from a shoe.

According to a criminal complaint, Reynolds initially told officers in an interview that the girl stopped breathing as the two were about to go to sleep. However, the complaint says in an interview with a neighbor, Reynolds was allegedly overheard yelling “get up!” which was followed by the sound of something being struck.

Upon further questioning, Reynolds eventually admitted to police that he was “triggered” when the child told him she didn’t want to do her school work and “that’s when the discipline came in.”

The complaint also states Reynolds spanked the girl on her bottom with a water shoe before “blacking out.” Reynolds allegedly told authorities that once he realized the child was lethargic he took her to the living room where he told police he then tried to ice her wounds.

Reynolds allegedly told police “the spanking got so bad she wasn’t mobile” and it was then that he realized he had struck the girl on her back, legs, arms, and chest. Reynolds then allegedly said he placed the child in her bed and later on realized her breathing was shallow and her heartbeat faint.

The father then allegedly brought the girl back into the living room where he tried to render first aid while he called for help.

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