CLEARWATER, Fla. (WTVO) — An adopted woman discovered the identity of her biological father, who was later accused of raping her after a day of drinking and drug use.

Ronald Tobin Antinore, 53, was arrested last Monday on charges of sexual battery and incest stemming from an August 9th, 2021 meet-up with his estranged daughter, according to an affidavit filed by the Clearwater, Florida police department.

Given away as an infant, the victim only recently learned of her relation to Antinore before connecting with him on social media and traveling to Pinellas County, Florida to meet.

The two consumed alcoholic beverages throughout the day, according to Clearwater Police, before returning to a hotel room and taking acid together.

As the acid took effect, Antinore engaged in sexual intercourse with the victim, who was unable to resist, according to the criminal complaint. The victim was able to flee to a bathroom as the acid waned and called her boyfriend for help. Antinore fled the hotel shortly after.

According to the police report, Antinore made “incriminating statements as to what had taken place between himself and the victim” during an interview with police while in custody.

The Smoking Gun reported that Antinore co-hosts an online food review program, and has worked as a professional wrestling manager under the name “Ron Ratcatcher.”

Antinore is currently in custody on a $302,105 bond. He has pled not guilty.