Fire departments ask residents to shovel out fire hydrants


While we may avoid leaving the house at all costs. Fire fighters don’t have a choice.  When they do get a call, to make their jobs easier fire departments are asking residents to clear their hydrants on residential blocks.  When the snow piles up around hydrants it makes them either difficult to find or when found, hard to get to.  The time spent looking for the burried hydrant can cost first responders crucial seconds when fighting a fire.  Fire officials in all townships and cities say in general, it’s the person living closest to a hydrant that takes on the responsibility of making sure it’s shoveled out.  Residents should clear out the snow on the side facing the street, and then make sure there’s about 3 feet of space cleared out on the other sides.  If the resident living closest to the hydrant is elderly or not able to shovel the hydrant out, departments are asking someone else to give them a hand.

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