First Phase Completed For The Revival of West State Street


The corner of west State Street and Springfield Avenue has been an area of decay for the past several years, but now there’s something worth seeing.

“We were able to re-establish this whole area, it’s two and a half acres,” said Sunil Puri, President of First Midwest Group, talking about the first phase of his project, a Davita Kidney Dialysis Center,which is the first of possibly three buildings to be built there.  Rockford mayor Tom McNamara sayis the City feels it’s important to encourage more West side development.

McNamara said, “There’s great people who live on the West side of Rockford, and in this area in particular, and they need access to pharmacies, to health care, to groceries, and we’re going to do, as a city, everything we can.”

The area was previously occupied by a school, many years ago, but has since laid vacant until Puri decided to invest in the area.  He said, “The real thrill, to me, was the purposefulness of our objective.  We knew there was a need. We knew there were patients in this area. And, we knew if we provided them something that wasn’t just a business venture, it was something that, we believe, would help families.”

This isn’t the only development that Puri envisions for the West side of Rockford.  Both he and McNamara want this project to be a message to all real estate developers, that there are many opportunities for growth and expansion in the area.

McNamara added, “When you drive out here you can tell two things.  You can tell that the City has invested a great deal of money in West State Street and we’re continuing to do it, with our work of Phase 2 of West State Street getting off the ground, but you also can see that there’s tremendous opportunities.”

Puri says the next phase will either consist of two smaller buildings, or one large building, and that it will primarily be medical.  He also mentioned that development for the next phase will be underway in a couple of years.

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