Florida doctor refuses to see unvaccinated patients in person


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(WTVJ) – With the Delta variant of COVID-19 causing a surge in cases, one Florida doctor is stopping in-person treatment for patients that have not been vaccinated against the disease.

Dr. Linda Marraccini, a family practice physician from South Miami, said that the decision was made to avoid any unnecessary risk to staff and patients.

“I understand that people are free to choose, but to me, it’s a problem when it affects other people,” Marraccini said to WTVJ. “When it comes to the safety of others, when it comes to the fact that it’s a global health problem and community health problem, at this point, I really say that this is where it draws the line in the sand for me.”

While Marraccini will not physically see patients who are still unvaccinated by Sept. 15, she is still offering telemedicine visits or referrals to other doctors, insisting that the new policy does not break her Hippocratic Oath, which are a set of obligations doctors pledge to their patients based on ethical standards.

Marraccini is giving patients a month to figure out what their health plans are, stating that only 10% to 15% of her patients are vaccine hesitant in a state that is facing it’s deadliest wave since the pandemic began.

“There’s been millions of deaths globally so that’s not something to ignore. People are getting to the point where everybody knows somebody that died from COVID,” said Marraccini. “This is a problem that really everyone needs to help out with and it’s affecting our collective communal health.”

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