Flu Virus Leading to More Serious Infections


Many of us have been dealing with the flu as this is one of the largest flu outbreaks we’ve seen in a while.  Now, people that have the flu are having to deal with the possibility they may contract other infections.

2018 is shaping up to be the worst flu season in nearly a decade. 

Yaser Zeater, Pulmonary Critical Care Physician at Swedish American said, “There was a bad year in 2010.  It was even worse because there was H1N1 increase.  This flu isn’t as deadly as it was in 2010, but more widespread.”

The C.D.C. reporting that 51 people per 100,000 have been hospitalized with the flu.  Some deaths in middle-aged and younger people have also been reported.  In some cases some have come down with two separate strains of the flu.  The Winnebago County Health Department reported 339 serious flu cases in the first week of January, a high number.  That number has spiked to 855 reports just last week, and flu victims may be prone to even serious illnesses.

Dr. Zeater adds, “The flu may compromise your immune system for a short time, and if someone has a Chronic Lung Disease may get Pneumonia more likely after the flu than healthy people.”

Dr. Zeater believes this could be the case for a school teacher in texas, who passed away from the virus, but this is rare.  Zeater says people should be focused on taking precautions to keep themselves from contracting pneumonia after having the flu.

Dr. Zeater adding, “If the flu extends for a longer time, it doesn’t go away, or you start having a productive cough or chest pain.  If everything is getting worse and not getting better, then something has to be done.”

Swedish American also says that despite the flu being more widespread, very few doctors have gotten sick and had to call off.

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