Following the Signs: Debunking the “She’s Lying” Billboard Mystery


Somebody’s lying, according to two new billboards that occupy the side of the intersection of State Street and Bell School Road, as well as off of Riverside.

But, the big question on passerby’s minds is, ‘Who is she? And what is she lying about?”

The signs have created quite the buzz. Rockford residents are having ideas even stretching to politics.

“I honestly think that since it’s such a busy area and it’s so expensive to do something like this, that it’s a political point of view,” said Mary Lou Plaza. “If anything, I’m going for Susana Mendoza. I think that the Republican party is really trying to realize what they think she’s trying to do to the state but she’s not because she controls the state money.”

However, it’s neither a scorned lover nor a political stunt.

Instead, an advertisement for a jewelry store.

There’s a photo on Pinterest from 2008 that the same advertising company put up in the Madison area, accusing someone of lying. An additional billboard soon followed, saying, “She doesn’t want a vaccuum for Christmas, she wants diamonds.”

Still, many residents aren’t convinced.

“The first thing that comes to mind is that she’s lying about her weight or her age or something,” said Rockford Resident Claudette Duncan.

“I’m glad that people are curious and that was the point of the campaign, so stay tuned,” said Lamar Advertising General Manager Brad Yarmark.

Eyewitness News did confirm which diamond store put up the two billboards but we won’t spoil it for you just yet. Lamar Advertising officials say more details will follow beginning in May.

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