(WTVO) — Actor Kevin Sorbo, who starred in “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys,” bashed “woke Hollywood” and “feminist culture” in a new op-ed, saying it’s time to “make Hollywood manly again.”

“Everywhere we look, bold, confident, self-assured females upstage passive men who recede quietly into the background. Into the basement. Into the past,” Sorbo wrote for Fox News. “Fathers, in particular, have become the butt of every woke Hollywood jab, the bumbling, useless idiots who contribute nothing to their families or communities, but sacrifice themselves as objects of ridicule.”

Sorbo continued, “Society today seriously misunderstands masculinity. On the one hand, we love to normalize androgynous, Billy Porter-type men who sport skirts and poofy dresses. GQ’s 2019 best-dressed man, Timothée Chalamet, for example, often wears clothes that, well… let’s just say your grandfather wouldn’t have been caught dead dressed like Chalamet.”

“In order to go out and conquer the world, men must first conquer themselves. Sadly, men today have often instead been conquered. We’ve been subdued by alcohol, drugs, video games, porn and other entertainment. The caricature of the useless man in his parents’ basement increasingly depicts real life,” he wrote.

“The call of duty to today’s man is to rise above what society and the media say he is doomed to be, becoming instead the servant leader his family and community so desperately require,” he said.

“Boys, especially, need heroes. It’s part of why storytelling has been an essential part of culture throughout history, particularly through the medium of filmmaking in this generation,” he added.

Sorbo, recently released a children’s book called “The Test of Lionhood,” a tale about a lion cub who faces obstacles on a journey to find the cure for his sister’s deadly illness.

“[Lucas] has to build up some courage, getting past all these different obstacles to get past this fear. And it’s really about letting boys become boys to hopefully become men and strong men, strong providers for families as they grow up,” Sorbo told The Christian Post. 

In addition to his long-running role on “Hercules,” Sorbo also starred in the TV shows “Andromeda” and “Xena: Warrior Princess.” He has recently starred in the films “Miracle” and “God’s Not Dead.”