Former NASA engineer invents ‘glitter bomb’ to ward off porch pirates

glitter bomb_1545240190133.JPG.jpg

All that glitters is not gold.

A former NASA engineer has a clever take on warding off porch pirates this holiday season with a new invention. 

When Mark Rober had a package stolen off his California home’s porch seven months ago, he said police told him it wasn’t “worth their time” to check into, despite everything being caught on camera, he said in a YouTube video posted Monday. 

Cue his “revenge bait,”– the “glitter bomb” — which he said pays homage to the movie “Home Alone.”

In a demonstration, Rober disguises the package as an Apple HomePod Box, which is also GPS-enabled. 

Once the thief picked up the package, a glitter bomb detonates a colorful surprise. 

“Ultimately, when they opened the package, I wanted to celebrate their choice of profession with a cloud of glitter,” Rober said in the video. 

To make things sweeter, he also programed a can of “fart spray” to go off after the glitter. 

Rober said it took half a year to put the glitter bomb together.

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