(WTVO) — Former Trump Advisor Catalina Lauf announced on Tuesday via Twitter that she plans to challenge fellow Republican Adam Kinzinger for Illinois’s 16th congressional district seat.

Rep. Kinzinger is up for re-election in 2022.

Lauf served as a U.S. Department of Commerce advisor after President Donald Trump appointed her in 2018, according to Ballotpedia.

Back in 2020, Lauf ran for the 14th congressional district seat but lost in the Republican primary. She was branded as the ‘anti-AOC.’

Lauf calls Kinzinger a ‘fake republican.’

Rep. Kinzinger was one of only 3 House Republicans who voted both to impeach Trump and to remove Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green from her committees.

Kinzinger, who launched a “Country First” campaign last month, said he wished to reclaim the Republican Party from conspiracy theorists and forces that led to the January 6th Capitol siege.

“Central and Northern Illinois deserve an explanation and deserve my full attention, and they’ll get it,” Kinzinger told the New York Times. “But to the extent I can, I will also focus on the national message because I can turn every heart in central and northern Illinois and it wouldn’t make a dent on the whole party. And that’s what I think the huge battle is.”