FOX announcers talk Patriots, Falcons Super Bowl match-up


CBS, FOX and NBC rotate broadcasting the Super Bowl and this year it’s FOX’s turn.

The network is planning a four-and-half-hour long pregame show and they’re expecting 150 million people to watch.

The FOX crew includes a lot of former players. Howie Long, Chris Carter, Shannon Sharpe to name a few. 

Former Chicago Bears cornerback Charles Tillman hopes the defenses shine Sunday.

“I want to see a good defensive matchup. Call me biased but I’m a defensive guy so I like to see good matchups. I don’t like to see a game that’s 47-49. I don’t like shootouts. I like low scoring, good, defensive games,” he said.

Who are the guys betting on?

“I’d be willing to stand on the table and say Atlanta right now but I tell you what. I don’t know how you bet against Tom Brady. I can’t bring myself to say that,” former Bears and Miami Dolphins head coach Dave Wannstedt said.

Jimmy Johnson added, “I think Bill Belichick is the greatest coach to coach in the league. I think Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback to play in the league. I think if you look at the records, it backs it up. No quarterback has ever started more Super Bowls than Tom Brady.”

Sunday will be Brady’s seventh Super Bowl. He’s 4-2 in the first six. A win Sunday and Brady will have more Super Bowl wins than any other quarterback in NFL history.

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