Freeport neighborhood shocked following news of a dead body in Yellow Creek


A quiet neighborhood surrounding a park in Freeport was filled with police after a body is found in Yellow Creek.

“It’s not normal to have a body located in this area,” said Freeport Police Department Deputy Chief Matthew Summers.

Neighbors say a resident was mowing his lawn when he made the startling discovery. Tuesday afternoon, a strong odor led him near the bank of Yellow Creek — where he found the dead body.

“Our officers arrived and located a body,” said Summers. “[The body was] approximately 50 yards east of the walking bridge on Demeter Drive.”

Summers says the body is an adult white male and adds his death is being investigated as suspicious.

“We don’t have anything that tell us that it’s not [suspicious],” said Summers. “We’ll treat any dead body the same way until we find something that tells us that this isn’t a crime. We’re going to continue to treat it as a crime.”

Dawn Zielke, who lives right off South Demeter Drive, says she called home for dinner plans when her husband told her what was happening outside their home.

“Police were out here and a crime scene investigation and we were shocked. We just moved to this house actually because of the location.”

Zielke and her family have lived in their home for just three weeks.

“Since we’ve been here, we’re outside every day,” said Zielke. “I guess it can happen anywhere but we were completely shocked.”

Summers says their investigation will continue as they work on identifying the body.

“We do have some missing persons reports,” said Summers. “We’re looking into those to see if they match up to this.”

Police say the cause of death is still under investigation and an autopsy is pending.

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