Freeport Police and Illinois State Police Join Forces to Catch Criminals


If you think you’re seeing more Freeport police on the streets, it’s because they are out there.

“Just to put a little more pressure on the criminal element,” said Chief Todd Barkalow from the Freeport Police Department. “We’ve increased our traffic patrols, we have increased our confidential source drug buys, and we’ve increased our manpower by bringing in some overtime.”

The Freeport Police, partnering with the Illinois State Police have formed SLANT- the State Line Area Narcotics Team.

And it does seem to be paying off…

“You know, we’ve made 12 arrests currently,” said Chief Barkalow. “I think that if somebody out there they know whether or not they’ve sold drugs, there may be something else coming down the pike as well.”

Those arrests were made in just the past 7 weeks.

The latest being Terrance Green on two felony warrants for delivering cocaine near a church.

That arrest occurred in an area surrounded by churches-with several families, schools, and children nearby.

And that encourages the community to be on the alert.

“Everybody has to assume their responsibility,” said Bindy Lillge, the director for Joseph’s Pantry at one nearby church. “If you see something, you have to report it. You have to become involved. They can’t be everywhere, they can’t do everything.They’re limited by the information that they’re given.”

“If you see a drug deal done, call the police,” said one Freeport Resident Carroll Genung. “Let them know so they can take care of it.”

Freeport police agree; it takes everyone working together to keep our communities safe.

“It’s an overall strategy to take back our neighborhoods,” said Chief Barkalow.  

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