Freeport residents make sure Little Cubs Field is ready for baseball season

The MLB season has already begun, but little leaguers still have a few weeks before they start to take the fields. Residents in Freeport are pulling out all the stops to make sure their prized Little Cubs Field is ready to go for the first pitch of the season.
For the little league players, having a sense of pride in your field is key to a good game. That’s why both Cubs and Sox fans came out to revitalize Little Cubs Field just in time for some spring cleaning.
Off the corner of Clark and Addison in Freeport, volunteers are quickly preparing for their opening day.
“We gotta get the field ready to play, we’re doing painting, we’re cleaning, we’ll putting the bases in, we’re raking leaves making sure the vines are healthy, we took the pads down, now we rebuilding the dugouts with new wood and staining it,” Vice President of Little Cubs Field Denny Garkey said.
Garkey says this field brings a sense of pride to the people who live near it, even if they don’t wear cubbie blue.
“This is owned by the community and so they take pride in it and it brings in attention to Freeport,” Garkey said.
“I’m a Sox fan, but i’m a Freeport fan, so I’m here,” volunteer John Loeffler said.
 Loeffler is one of the many volunteers working to revitalize Little Cubs Field in time for game day. As a Freeport resident he says this field is one of their unique hidden gems, making Freeport a destination for die hard Cubs fans.
“What’s amazing is the amount of detail that went into replicating Cubs field,” Loffler said. “There’s a couple of the really crazy uber fans that can tell you if you sit in this section, you’re actually in the baartman seat from way back when, you know the infamous baartman seats.”
Once the work on the field is complete  and ready for a good game of baseball, watching the kids play on it is the reason why Loeffler volunteered.
“You have a definite sense of accomplishment, you get to see things cleaned up, you get to see that old rotten board removed and that new shiny piece up and stained, the leaves all dug up, you get to really see what you do,” Loeffler said.
The home opener is April 29th. The field is now available for rental as well and not just for baseball games. There’s actually going to be a wedding held on the pitcher’s mound this summer too.

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