FREEPORT, Ill. (WTVO) — It was an emotional meeting Friday when two long lost sisters – who discovered each other through a DNA test – met for the first time.

“About 18 months ago, I did a 23andMe DNA test, and within a week or two of sending that test in, I found out that I had a half sister out there somewhere,” said Bonnie Weaver. “So, we have been talking on the phone, but we have not been able to get together to meet in person.”

Weaver has known she was adopted her whole life, and always thought she was an only child.

“It’s very meaningful to me, someone who has wondered her whole life, ‘do I look like anybody?’ That’s a pretty common thing for adopted kids to think, and I guess I do, and I’ll find out when I meet her in person,” Weaver said before the meet up.

She discovered that her half-sister lives in New York. The pair have been talking for almost two years in anticipation of the meeting.

Three years ago, Weaver’s half-sister, Dale Austein, lost her sister to cancer. Now, she says she’s gained another.

“This has been a long time in the making,” Austein said. “It’s been almost two years, and unfortunately, I got ill, so I couldn’t travel, and then COVID hit. So then, finally, we got vaccinated and now we’re here.”

The two met and bonded over having the same father and meeting by fate. The pair say they plan to make up for some lost time.

“Come and see my life in New York,” Austein told Weaver. “A little bit different than Illinois. A little bit different, yes.”

Weaver said she’s looking forward to showing her sister her hometown and spending time together during this weekend trip.

“How is this going to change my life? I don’t know. Looking forward to headed to Long Island to visit her someday soon,” Weaver said.