(WTVO) — There’s a new top dog in town.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the French bulldog surpassed the labrador retriever as the top purebred dog in the United States last year.

It’s the first time in thirty years that the loveable lab hasn’t been ranked as Number One.

The AKC says nearly one in every seven dogs added to its registry was a French bulldog.

Brandi Munden, of the AKC, said she isn’t surprised by the breed’s increased popularity, reasoning that dog owners are leaning toward getting smaller, more adaptable dogs that don’t require a lot of exercise.

“I think the popularity has surged, to the point where people are paying a lot of attention to it,” she said. “The lab is, traditionally — everybody’s always going to love the lab, it is what it is — but, when it comes to registrations, the Frenchies really pulled ahead. I mean, it shows that people are finding value in the AKC registry. They’re finding value in AKC. People really love the French bulldog.”