(WTVO) — Father’s Day is here, which means it is time to show the patriarch in your life just how special he is to you.

The weather decided to be nice this Father’s Day, which means that there is plenty of opportunity to get outside and do something fun with your old man. For those that would rather spend the holiday inside, there are still lots of fun things to do while spending quality time with your dad. Find a list below of some of the best Father’s Day activities, according to Reader’s Digest.

  • Go fishing: A lot of people like to take their father out to eat on their special day, but some dads might be looking for a different kind of bite. The Rockford area has many different rivers and ponds where your pop might be able to reel in a good catch. What better way to catch up on life than standing side by side, casting and enjoying the outdoors? Reader’s Digest recommends to use WD-40 spray on your lures. Not only will it attract fish, but it will also mask your human odor that can scare them off.
  • Watch a Movie: For those that wish to spend their Father’s Day inside, nothing is more relaxing than kicking back and watching a movie. From a movie marathon to ending the day with a movie night, there are plenty of good flicks out there to watch with your old man. The average length of a film is over an hour and half, according to filmmaker Noam Kroll, which means that is an extra hour and a half to spend with pops. As most people know, there is a wide range of movie genres to check out. For those with small kids, pick a family friendly film like “Toy Story.” For those dads that like a good action kick, watch a movie with a powerful dad like “Taken.”
  • Taste some Beers: For that dad that likes a good pint, taking him to taste some good beer would be a great way to spend Father’s Day. From domestic brands to imports and local breweries, there is a beer for every taste, so why not let your old man taste them all? There’s is even an easy gift built into this experience: Notice what beers he likes the best, and buy him some bottles so he can take them home and remember the day for weeks, or even months, to come.
  • Hit the golf course: They say that a bad day golfing is better than a good day working, so why not take your dad out to enjoy the greens? A good 18 holes worth of golf means a good 18 holes worth of quality time with your father. Even if you do not want to play a full game of golf, there are many different golf-related activities to treat your dad to, such as hitting some balls at the driving range, or putting in some mini-golf.
  • Build something: Dad is the handy man in a lot of houses across the country, so why not pick up the hammer yourself and help your old man with that work? This does not mean to help him with annoying, run-of-the-mill housework that can be done at any time, though that can be done as well. Instead, spend some time making something memorable with your dad. Everything from a simple birdhouse, to a less simple tree house, means time to put you and dad’s creative juices to the test and build something that will always remind you of the time you spent together.