Get ready to pay more at the pump as gas prices expected to hit $3 per gallon


Gas prices are on the rise across the country as oil companies are switching to a “summer blend,” which is more expensive, and passing the cost on to the consumer.

Experts say the prices could rise close to $3 a gallon.

If the price does hit $3, Rockford resident Christopher Lamay says it could change the plans of many families this summer.

“You do more traveling in the summertime, so with gas prices being more, it’s harder to travel more, for families that are not so much well off,” he said.

No matter how far the trip, resident Nick Schabacker says he may even reconsider trips from Rockford to Chicago.

“For my car, especially, [it would cost] probably closer to $60, $70, so maybe [I’d] second guess it, for sure,” he said.

Higher gas prices are generally an indicator that the job market is doing well. However, more people working could also drive prices up.

“We’re dealing with multi-year historical levels [of employement],” said Dan McTeague, Senior Analyst at “That means the demand, in theory, could continue to drive prices up, even above the $3 per-gallon [mark] as an average across the country, and although it will be felt, it would be absorbed by most consumers.”

 The average price for a gallon of regular gas in Rockford today is $2.80. At this time in 2018, it was $2.60.

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