Giving the Gift of Disney Magic


Brother John T. Brantley is giving away the gift of Disney magic to celebrate his birthday this year. “If I didn’t do that. They wouldn’t be able to go,” said Brantley.

    Brother John is celebrating his birthday by opening young minds. Starting with a group dinner and after he’s taking them to see Elsa and Ana in Disney On Ice Presents Frozen. He says this is his way of advancing the work of the Civil Rights Leaders.

    “I was born during the Civil Rights and I’m still continuing to do what my ancestors did in the past and honor Dr. King,” said Brantley.

    His 10th year celebrating his birthday this way. After a soul food dinner equipped with his famous greens, they’re off to see frozen and he managed to fundraise so even the moms can enjoy the show.

    “I only charged 10 dollars per family to get the moms to go.” He said, “a lot of our moms don’t have 17 or 20 dollars to take their kids to Disney on Ice.”

    Before heading out, a Black history lesson from Dr. Litesa Wallace speaking to young women about what it means to be Black and beautiful.

“There’s a phrase that says, all the men were Black, all the women were White but some of us brave, and that speaking to Black women and the fact that we have this intersecting and dual identity and it’s important for young girls to know that,” explained Wallace.

    As for the show tonight, brother brantley says he has a rush of children just waiting to see all the magic.

    “I thought I was only going to be taking 40 to 60 but I got 90 people preregistered to go and I have no doubt there will be others who show up that’s going to want to go,” said Brantley
    The money for the tickets today was donated or sponsored for the children and parents to attend the show.

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