Golden Retriever saves owner from snakebite while hiking


A Golden Retriever suffered a snakebite after stepping in to save his owner.

Some heroes wear capes, and some wear fur. Meet Todd, the 6-month-old Golden Retriever turned hero.

“He’s just like, I mean, a superhero, really,” said Todd’s owner, Paula Goodwin.

Friday morning started out normal for the Goodwins. They would head out for a morning walk. But Paula says they tried a different path.

“We went up the hike. Everything was good,” she said.

On the way down is when things went wrong. 

“I’m always cautions, always on alert. I’m very vigilant of my surroundings,” Goodwin said.

This time, something would catch little Todd’s eyes before it caught Paula’s.

“Todd literally kinda bolted quickly toward my leg,” she said.

Right in front of them was a rattlesnake.

“He was a gray, white, speckled rattlesnake that looked identical to the road,” she said.

It quickly sprung into action, biting Todd by the mouth.

“So, the snake bit him right there, as you can see. There’s one of the wounds,” she said.

Todd is doing much better today, with the swelling from Friday going down significantly.

Paula can’t help but think about how his actions likely saved her from stepping right on the snake.

“He did save me,” she said. “I really believe that if he wouldn’t have been curious to see what was by my leg, I’m almost sure that snake would have bitten my leg. He’s definitely a hero. A lot of people think of him as a hero. He’s definitely my hero for sure.”

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