Gorman & RHA Ready To Break Ground At New Towne Despite Lawsuit


The area of land on South New Towne Drive across the street from the former post office is fenced off from the public .A tractor, and an excavator sits on the site.

Wisconsin developer Gorman and Rockford Housing Authority are inching closer towards building a 49 unit low income housing project there.

Rockford Housing Authority CEO says, “About 2 weeks ago we closed escrow on the construction loans, and the excavators are there because they’re prepping for the groundbreaking.”

These developments come against the wishes of some area residents, who have been vocal in letting Gorman and RHA know that they fear it will lower property values.

Resident Donald Bondick says, “It already has. Our property value when we bought this condo was 89.9k and we put about 5,000 dollars worth of work inside of it with tile, and all wood floors, and an appraiser came and appraised it at 67.5k.”

Clewer counters saying “I believe that as w e move forward and the property starts to get developed. They will see that the fears that they had over New Towne won’t be developed.”

Bondick is one of the residents involved in a lawsuit against Gorman and the City of Rockford still hoping to prevent the project. He does not think they should start to do any work before a judge makes a decision.

He says, “If they break ground before that, I think they’re thumping their nose at the court system that we have.”

Clewer says “I can’t really comment on the pending litigation, but we feel confident in moving forward.”

A judge is expected to make a decision on the lawsuit July 28th.

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