Gov. Rauner signs gun control bill, allows courts to remove firearms from threatening individuals


Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed a gun safety bill on Monday which allows courts to remove firearms from a person they believe could hurt someone or even themselves. Rauner says the legislation could prevent a tragedy.

Rauner said: “Today I am signing a very good piece of legislation to improve public safety for the people of our state.  For too long we’ve had situations where guns can be kept in the hands of individuals who are mentally unstable or deemed to be dangerous.  We cannot have that situation continue to exist and I want to commend members of the general assembly for working on a bipartisan basis, they passed and today I will sign House Bill 2354 which is an emergency restraining order bill which allows judges as approached by law enforcement or family members, judges to issue restraining orders, to remove guns or prevent gun purchases from those individuals who are deemed to be dangerous to themselves or others.  This is a very important step forward to increase safety for the people of our state and I’m proud to sign this legislation today.”

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has said it opposes the bill and that it limits due process.

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