Governor Rauner approves $600 Million for state colleges


   “If we don’t have that grant, many students probably wouldn’t be able to take as many classes as they want,” said RVC Sophomore Jaime Perez.

    Perez is talking about a bill signed by the governor to provide $600 million for state colleges. Even though Rock Valley will only get about 30 percent of their state funding from it-without it, many universities statewide could have closed.

   “We had institutions like Chicago State University, Western University and Eastern university that were on the verge of closing,” said Illinois State Representative Litesa Wallace.

    Chicago State could have closed as early as April 30. Students at Rock Valley College say that without the funding many wouldn’t be able to even attend schools that stayed open.

   “At a community college a lot of people here are in poor financial conditions you know, they couldn’t afford to go to a four year so any/all the financial support that we would give to these students and give them that leg up in the future, we should totally do,” said RVC Freshman Luke Branthaver.

    “It’ll help university system, community colleges and it’ll put money into the map fund for low income students,” said Wallace.

   But it’s only a band-aid for now. Wallace hopes the fact it passed with both Democratic and Republican support means they’ll find a more permanent solution down the road.

    “I’m glad for everybody coming together to make sure that our universities don’t close,” said Wallace.

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