Governor Rauner vetoes Illinois gun dealer licensing legislation

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Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner (R) has vetoed a bill that would have required gun dealers be licensed by the state and created additional rules for them to follow for the sale of firearms.

On Tuesday, Governor Rauner vetoed Senate Bill 1657, saying the bill created an “onerous, duplicative bureaucracy that does little to improve public safety.”

He noted that Illinois gun dealers are already licensed by the federal government.

“The core issue is not which guns to legally ban or regulate,” he said. “We have ample proof that such narrowly focused legislative responses make for good political cover, but they do little to stop the illegal flow of guns into Illinois or prevent people from committing thousands of crimes in our state each year with illegal guns.”

The legislation, proposed primarily by house Democrats, would have created a gun dealer licensing board where members would be appointed to recommend policies, procedures, and rules for the new law.

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