Graffiti Vandalism Cases on the Rise in Rockford


Graffiti drawings outside of a Rockford apartment on Apple Orchard Lane are becoming eyesores for residents.

Resident Gynell Clayton says, “We all try to keep up our property, and when someone does something like this, it makes the whole neighborhood look bad.”

Apple Orchard Lane is not the only Forest City neighborhood that’s becoming the victim of vandals.

There have been a total of 74 graffiti cases up to April 1st. That’s up 49% time last year. 22 of 74 cases are gang graffiti.

Property Operations Manager for the City of Rockford Kwame Calvin says, “It’s troubling for me to have 22 gang graffiti, its troubling…to have 22 kid’s graffiti, it’s troubling for me to have any graffiti, because our goal is to be graffiti free.”

Calvin says the warm winter kept Rockford taggers busier during the beginning of the year. But ironically, it wasn’t warm enough for crews to clean it up.

Calvin explains, “We got a water truck, and if we need to power wash then it needs to be over 45 degrees.’

He says police will be on the lookout for graffiti, and will talk to students about vandalism since warm weather normally brings more illegal drawings.

Calvin says, “Historically when the kids get out of school, graffiti tends to go up.”

The city plans to do a graffiti cleanup next week.

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