A new bill gaining traction in the Statehouse would give fathers more custody privileges with children. It’s yet to be called for a vote, but dads were rallying for the bill Wednesday.

Several say their goal is to get 50-50 custody time with their child as long as both parties are fit and proper parents.

Many fathers have been battling for years and hope, with lawmakers on board, they can start to make a difference.

Current law does not assume joint custody is in the child’s best interest, but does allow flexibility. Supporters say they want courts to consider joint custody first instead of favoring mothers.

Similar legislation is in the works in neighboring states, like Michigan, Missouri and Wisconsin.

One group opposing the idea is the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Leaders say 50-50 custody is not always in the best interest for every child since each case is different.

Men and women both co-sponsor the bill and look for it to be called for a vote in January